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Flour Beast is a supper club where culinary creativity meets community connection.

Founded by Seattle chefs, Heather & Eileen, we believe that the magic of storytelling and breaking bread with strangers can forge lasting connections and build stronger communities.

Our supper club welcomes anyone with an adventurous spirit and an appetite for trying something new. Whether you're a food enthusiast or simply seeking an intimate social experience, Flour Beast offers an inviting atmosphere where strangers become friends.

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Heather's warm and welcoming nature extends beyond the kitchen. She thoroughly enjoys connecting with people from all walks of life and cherishes the opportunity to forge new friendships.

When she isn’t in the kitchen, Heather can be found picking up litter around her neighborhood or gardening.


Eileen's culinary journey led her to the illustrious kitchens of Michelin-rated restaurants in San Francisco, New York City, and the top culinary establishments of Seattle. She has dedicated nearly a decade to mastering the craft and through her experiences has become a passionate advocate for food sustainability and agriculture.

Beyond her culinary pursuits, Eileen is an avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast. Whether it’s summiting a mountain, immersing herself in different cultures, or embarking on thrilling expeditions, her insatiable curiosity and love for exploration drive her to venture off the beaten path.

Through her commitment to food sustainability, Eileen hopes to make a lasting impact on the culinary landscape.